MBA Program

CVMU’s MBA program is crafted to shape tomorrow’s leaders, empowering them to thrive in corporate roles with excellence and finesse.

MBA Program
with a Difference

The Institute enjoys a legacy of 75 years of academic excellence and is backed by strong alumni across various industries. Leveraging this strong industry connection, our programs have a rich blend of Industry workshops, and field visits.  This holistic approach is designed to equip students with practical skills and insights, preparing them for real-world scenarios.

Over the first two trimesters, students engage in a range of foundation courses, followed by a focused exploration of their chosen areas of Interest. Starting from the third trimester, students can select their specialization based on personal aptitude and interests, under the guidance of faculty and industry mentor. The Program offers a plethora of electives to choose from.

To develop a comprehensive understanding of theory and practice, students are required to spend six to eight weeks on a summer project between the first and the second year of the full-time MBA program. As an essential of the program all students have to satisfactorily complete their summer internship.

The program has a range of electives and workshops that are either fully offered by an industry partner/external faculty or are offered as a collaborative effort between our faculty and industry. These courses help our students stay abreast with the recent developments in the area and make them future-ready to meet the requirements of the industry. 

CVMU – MBA programme benefits from a large number of alumni engaged in and positively contributing to the industries around the world. Many of the CVM alumni are successful entrepreneurs. Our alumni are a big source of strength as they guide and mentor our students all through the two productive years of the student’s life.

MBA - Finance

MBA – Finance at CVM University is meticulously designed to help students delve into the principles and applications of financial management, investment analysis, and decision-making within organizations. Thereby, opening doors to diverse financial domains such as banking, investment management, corporate finance, and financial consulting. 

Students pursuing Finance develop hands-on proficiency, making them indispensable candidates for leadership positions within the finance sector.

MBA - Marketing

Rapidly changing customer profile and increasing technological advances there is a surge in demand for skilled marketing professionals in the domains of FMCG, retail, tourism, banking, hospitality, media, advertising and market research.

MBA in Marketing at CVMU focuses on helping students develop skills essential for planning, organizing, managing, operating, and controlling challenging sales and marketing functions in the workplace.

MBA - Entrepreneurship

MBA program in Entrepreneurship at CVM University is thoughtfully created to instill a mindset of entrepreneurship within its students. Through meticulous design and guidance from industry experts, the curriculum ensures that students acquire practical experience and valuable insights into real-world scenarios. 

Our program emphasizes hands-on learning and personalized mentoring to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of the business world


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